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Creating Beautiful Spaces 

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   Alumawood Patio Covers

Serving all of Orange County

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     Beautiful, Affordable, Custom
Patio Covers Built the way you want! 

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Looking to cool down your patio area and give it some charm, then a  non-insulated solid patio cover it what you need! This is a beautiful look to any backyard with many different colors and customizable options to fit your look.

Invite your friends and family to a welcoming patio with fans and lights. This not only enhances the look but also cools your guest while being able to enjoy a nice evening together!  

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Enjoy Partial sun on a nice sunny day as a lattice top wont fully cover your living space, but give you a cooler area to enjoy with the family. The lattice top is not only a gorgeous look for a patio but the most cost effective with many different designs!

                         - Alumawood Patio Cover  Services - 

   Here at OdellCompletelandscape we take great pride in making sure your alumawood patio cover comes out just the way you want it. An     attractive high quality patio cover can help you maximize the use of your    yard and enjoy it on those hot summer days!  We have a full selection of patio covers from  lattice top, insulated solid  top, non-insulated solid top and even gable top patio covers with your choice of fans and lights. Contact us for any questions, free expert designs and quotes! 


Lattice Tops 

Solid Tops

Fans & Lights


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Or Call 714-580-9935

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Our Craftsmen ship and quality of work is second to none!

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