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 Block Walls | Vinyl | Wood 

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          Durable, Privacy, Affordable
Reliable fences and walls with customizable styles

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- Fences, Walls, Gates Services

Block walls, Vinyl Fences, and Wooden Fences,  we do it all here at OdellCompleteLandscape. with the variety of builds we offer we make sure your fence or wall are built to last! There are lots of reasons for choosing either block walls ,vinyl or even wood for you fence. It may be cost, it may be for strength or maybe just simply for looks. Either way we like to give you all options for when it comes to building your property divider, retaining wall or even privacy wall. We are always happy to break down the pros and cons of each category and guide you in the right direction for when it comes to choosing between these options. 

Block walls

Block walls being the most durable will last a lifetime without ever having to worry about them! They do tend to be the most expensive option but have good reasons for this. They  add great privacy, highly durable, virtually sound proof and keep your property well protected.  Not only are these some of the few benefits listed but they come in many different styles to fit your for your home accordingly! 

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Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is always another great option! They are great for budget and built much quicker than a block wall. There are many different color options when it comes to vinyl and are easily maintained! So say goodbye to splinter has these a very friendly to the touch and you wont ever have to worry about rot! 

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Wooden Fences

Wooden fences being the most commonly used material and having the most variety of styles and options to choose from always give your home a personal touch. From the different type of stains, Wood species and ways to lay your panels you can get really detailed with how you want your fence built!



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Our Craftsmen ship and quality of work is second to none!

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